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We care

We go out

We meet

We go on holiday

We campaign

Our holidays are organised by East Surrey Federation. Some are arranged round the National AGM and Conference, which is in a different part of the UK each year. Others may be in the UK or abroad.

 We stay in, and

Every month, we have a speaker, or an entertainer, or we entertain ourselves. We might have a competition too. Look at our programme, and check the calendar, which also shows Federation and National events and activities. And we always make time for a cup of tea and chat with our friends.

We meet for lunch on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at different local pubs and restaurants.

We have outings to London and other places.  

We play games

Scrabble, skittles, Rummikub, and more. We really enjoy quizzes, and competition is fierce.

We campaign nationally against FGM, slavery, the abolition of cheques and many more matters chosen by members. We count!

We know that not everyone is able to enjoy themselves as we can. So every year, we choose a local charity and fundraise for it. This October it was the Waggy Tails Club.


Next year we will be supporting a women’s refuge.


Did you get it?

We make things

Yummy macarons with Tim’s Pastry Club!

East Surrey Federation

Federation doesn’t just do holidays. All members of Purley and District TG can go to the entertainments put on by Federation. (More details in Our Programme.)  

and do things!